The Tournament Management System is to collect, proofread and manage the information of athletes and events before, during and after the competition, and work cooperatively with the competition arrangement system, the competition recording system and the timing and scoring system to realize the interactive sharing of the competition data in the complete competition cycle, so as to improve the efficiency of the event organization, reduce the error rate, and improve the exhibition and social influence of the event.
Whether it is a large-scale or comprehensive competition, or a small-scale or club amateur competition, this system will be your effective assistant.

Tournament Management System

Working Flow

Online System Offline System (On Venue)


Online Tournament System for the participants and audiance


Meet Management System as an standard OVR system

Ultra Sore

Timing & Scoring System for each venue/court

Online Registration

  • Onliine registration for participants.
  • Charge and Accreditation online.

Display Startlist

  • Show the schedule and startlist online.


  • Draw for the game.
  • Weigh-in before the game.
  • Generate the fixture.
  • Upload the start list back to the Tournament Management System.

Result Display

  • Result display.
  • Live video & photo display.

Result Management

  • Rollcall during the game.
  • Provide the startlist for the Timing & Scoring System.
  • Trace the progress of match.
  • Export all kinds of report during the game.

Timing & Scoring

  • Read the startist for current venue/court.
  • Send back the result.

Query after the Game

  • All results be stored for future request.
  • Player individual statistics.