Athletics Timing System Diagram

Through the cooperation of Timing Software, Chip Timing Host, Chip Timing, Detection loop, Race Timing Software, Photo Finish Camera, Meet Management Server and other systems, using high-speed color CCD digital camera and advanced image data processing technology, the timing accuracy of the equipment meets the requirements of professional competitions, with high timing accuracy, fast and accurate interpretation, strong stability It has the characteristics of simple operation, convenient carrying and installation, and less consumables.


  • Various levels of domestic and international Athletics competition.
  • School sports, physical fitness test and college entrance sports test.
  • Athletics competition of school sports.
  • Daily training, assessment and competitions in troops and military academies.

Match Timing Software

Match Timing Software
  • Support the simultaneous operation of shooting and score interpretation.
  • When the computer crashes and the software is restarted, the timing can be restored with one click.
  • The accuracy of score output is 0.0001s ~ 1s.
  • Multiple orders and reset the order time.
  • Support zero time calibration function.
  • Support stop timing to continue shooting.
  • Support automatic image clipping and filtering redundant images.
  • Support large screen display of scores and images.
  • Support automatic scoring.
  • Support the printing of transcripts and the generation of Excel sheets and TXT documents.
  • Support selecting wrong groups and associating images with corresponding groups after the competition.

  • Automatic Starting System

    Automatic Starting System
    Model: KS-STM100
    Size of starting host: 23×13.5×5.5 CM
    Weight: 1.5 KG
    Size of speaker: 31×26×33 CM
    Weight: 7 KG
  • Support electronic starting gun.
  • The starting distance is up to 2000 meters.
  • Support wireless start button.
  • Support microphone voice input.
  • Voice and starting shot dual output.
  • The host can work continuously for 8 hours without external power.
  • The sound can work continuously for 8 hours without external power.
  • Support zero calibration of electric meter.
  • Support multiple orders and multiple trigger record storage.

  • Color Finish Arrival Camera

    Color Finish Arrival Camera
    Model: KS-PHFC10
    Host size: 29.8×14×15.6 CM
    Weight: 2 KG
    Power: 14.8-16.8V / 1-2A
    Display: Full color image
  • Support image automatic exposure processing.
  • Support positioning athlete sprint image.
  • Support front capture sprinter chest number cloth.
  • Support multiple orders and reset the order time.
  • Support zero time calibration function.
  • Support stop timing to continue shooting.
  • Support image local magnification function.
  • Automatic image clipping to filter redundant images.
  • Support remote interpretation: one computer for shooting and another computer for interpretation.
  • Support thumbnail display to quickly locate athletes.
  • Support video playback.
  • Support PNG and BMP image generation.

  • Ultrasonic Wind Speed Measurement System

    Ultrasonic Wind Speed Measurement System
    Model: KS-WSP-TRID
    Size: 96×83×51 CM
    Weight: 30 KG
    Power: 42V / 2A
    Material: Alloy
  • Parallel to the running direction of the athlete, when the wind is downwind, the wind speed shows a positive value.
  • Parallel to the running direction of the athlete, when facing the wind, the wind speed shows a negative value.
  • Branch response speed < = 1s.
  • It has the functions of wind speed measurement and countdown.
  • The measurement of wind speed can be controlled wirelessly.
  • The countdown can be controlled wirelessly.

  • Meet Management Server (OVR)

    Meet Management Server
    Model: KS-MMS-MINI
    Size: 260x135x35 (mm)
    Weight: 1.0 KG
  • Easy to create a match, and import the match entry information.
  • Schedule the match with variants of competition systems. Including elimination, round-robin, etc.
  • Provide the match information to the scoring software on each venue/court.
  • Gather the real time score and statistics information from the scoring software. Monitor the progress of the match.
  • Summary and print integrated report.
  • Generate standard reports for the match, including start-list, results, combined results, ranking, etc.
  • Print certifications with adjustable print templates.
  • Print the team score report.
  • Open interface with ODF compatible data feed.
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    Display Board Time

    Display Board Time
    Model: KS-SPLIT-D
    Size: 159×55×54 CM
    Weight: 32 KG
    Power: 42V / 2A
    Waterproof grade: Outdoor waterproof IP65
  • Multiple interception systems can be used at the same time (through wireless series connection).
  • Computer control or wireless key control can be selected.
  • It can display the timing time or Beijing time.

  • Electronic Distance Measurement System

    Electronic Distance Measurement System
    Model: KS-MD100
    Measuring distance: < = 100 m
    Measurement accuracy: 2mm ± 0.001mm
    Measurement time: < = 1.2 seconds
  • For field events, laser is used to accurately measure the distance.
  • Support real-time sending to the sports meeting management system.

  • LED Display

    LED Display
    Model: KS-SCRN-LED960480
    Size: 108x60x14.5 CM
    Material: Aluminum
  • Must be used together with Athletics Scoring Software.
  • Display athlete’s rank, name and match time.